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   Advantage EDEX?

As well as realizing greater marketing efficiencies and cost-effectiveness, there are many other advantages of outsourcing student recruitment to EDEX :

  • EDEX is a trustworthy and accountable local organisation in whom students and their parents can confide and contact easily in their own country and language. This is especially important to students who are choosing a long-term study program.
  • EDEX will be familiar with both the education provider ? s course offerings and strengths, as well as the student ? s profile, needs, expectations and abilities, and should thus be able to suggest a good match.

  • EDEX provides useful value-added services to students. For instance, they can help with student application forms, taking care of travel arrangements, insurance, accommodation or exam preparation. EDEX is the only Educational consultants which provides in house travel, forex arrangements in the region.

  • Visa assistance: If a visa is needed it is usually easier for the agent to apply to the respective consul section, as they will likely have developed a good rapport and reputation with this office. They can help students fill in application forms and guide them through the interview process.

  • EDEX also give valuable counseling, saving students ? time and helping them make their decision by providing useful information (e.g., about the study location, local transport, the cost of living, weather, social etiquette, cultural and social life, food, etc.).

  • EDEX provides overseas telephone simcards before they fly which is a great relief for a student who is travelling for the first time abraod (Right now only UK simcards are provided).

These counseling and value-added services greatly assist prospective students and improve your institution ? s “application/admission” conversion rate, as well as considerably reducing your admissions department ? s workload.

At the same time, EDEX can help you diversify your enrollments. Building up a network lets you recruit students from a number of regions through our local associates. individually, which can be very costly. Associate Agents can provide fast and direct access to specific local markets, helping you recruit large numbers of students quickly and efficiently, at comparably low cost and risk. Once a network of agents is established, it will cost relatively little to service.


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