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Education System In New Zealand
   Universities in New Zealand:
University education was established in New Zealand in 1870 and has a similar tradition to the British university system. There are eight state-funded universities in New Zealand, all of them internationally respected for their academic and research performance. In addition to a centrally co-ordinated system of quality assurance audits at both institution and programme level, each Institution undertakes internal quality checks.

All New Zealand universities offer a broad range of subject in Arts, Commerce and Science. Each has developed its own specialist subjects such as Medicine, Engineering, Veterinary Science, Computer Studies, Agriculture and Environmental Studies.

There are 8 universities and few exceptionally reputed institutes of technology, polytechnics, private institutes, namely :
  1. University of Auckland
  2. University of Waikato
  3. Massey University
  4. Victoria University of Wellington
  5. Lincoln University
  6. Auckland University of Technology
  7. University of Canterbury
  8. University of Otago
  9. Manukau Institute of Technology
  10. Waikato Institute of Technology
  11. UNITEC
  12. Wellington Institute of Technology
  13. Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki
  14. Eastern Institute of Technology
  15. Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology
  16. Otago Polytechnic
  17. Pacific International Hotel Management School
  18. Design and Arts College
  19. Auckland Institute of Studies - St. Helens
  20. Universal College of Learning
  21. Academic College Group

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Application Procedure
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Composition Of University Degrees
Credit Transfer
Enrolment Dates by Sector
Examination Procedures
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International Accreditation
Quality Assurance
Reasons for Studying In New Zealand
Studying in New Zealand
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